Football is a global sport played by millions of people in over 200 countries. There has been a large increase in the popularity of soccer in the USA over the past few years. The Major League Soccer has attracted some of the biggest names who play the game and this has driven the interest of soccer for both players and parents.

Goals opened its first club in South Gate, Los Angeles over five years ago. The main difference between the US and UK clubs is the number of women/girl players and also the mixed male/female soccer format is very popular. The club has a similar offering as the UK clubs with pay and play arenas available for hire. The more competitive players can join a league and there are regular tournaments that teams can enter.


The second club is currently being built and will be launched in early 2017 in Pomona, Los Angeles. The Pomona club has 11 ProTurf arenas and a clubhouse offering changing facilities and a café.

A pipeline of locations has already been identified and the successful Goals club format is planned to be rolled out ongoing.